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our Sover

19.05.2020 12:17
Our dearest Sover left us absolutely not ready and not expectable, it came so fast ... Sover has gone and we know we never forget her....  She learnt us a lot, she spent nice time with us and she always knew we love her... we miss her so much  Figura Soversenstva Mraja 25.07.2012 -...

CAC, CACIB Timisoara (RO)

19.05.2020 12:15
Weekend in Timosoara was great our Carat became Romanian Champion of Beauty  01.-02.02.2020 Carat chieved 3x CAC im champion class :)   

3x CACIB Nitra 24.-26.01.2020

19.05.2020 12:08
3x CACIB Nitra 24.-26.01.2020   Carat Radena Slovakia  24.01.2020 - Judge: Catarina O. Castro (PT)  champion class - ex1, CAC 25.01.2020 - Judge: Dušan Barlík (SK) champion class - ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOB 26.01.2020 - Judge: Jus de Cuyper (BE) champion class - ex1, CAC, CACIB,...

Champion of Champions, 30.11.2019 Budapest (HU)

20.04.2020 14:04
amazing results achieved our dear Boris and Rada  Champion of Champions 30.11.2019, Budapest, HU Judge: Jussi Limatainen (FI) Boris Radena Slovakia - BOB Vasart Radena - BOS both sweet kids fulfilled conditions and became Hungarian Champions of Beauty   

Dog shows in Zagreb, HR

26.11.2019 10:20
Carat Radena Slovakia, weekend in Zagreb, CRO champion class: ** 22.11.2019 - Speciality sighthound show - EX1, CAC ** 23.11.2019 - IDS Zagreb - EX2, res. CAC ** 24.11.2019 - IDS Zagreb - EX1, CAC, res. CACIB (will be valid CACIB) We are very proud for our youngester and amazing results he...

Klubová výstava v CZ

26.11.2019 10:17
23.11.2019 Klubová výstava Klubu chovatelu a pŕátel Barzoju Vlku (CZ) Judge: Lenka Frnčová, CZ Akilina Radena Slovakia - open class - V3/5 We are so much proud for sweet Akilinka and her beautiful report she got from judge. To much thanks to owner Karolina <3   

Regionálna výstava všetkých plemien BIELORUSKO

02.10.2019 10:08
CARAT RADENA SLOVAKIA - výborne-1, CAC, BOB, BIG-1, BIS lov-3, BIS-6!!!!!! Judge: Ljudmila Liašova (UA); Svetlana Radiuk (BLR)   Carat got amazing report and many compliments from judge. Thanks a lot for handling Daria Penezhina (BLR). We are very proud for sweet Carat and his great...

Máme šteniatka (We have puppies) - D vrh (D- litter)

02.10.2019 09:50
Narodili sa 26.9.2019 (born 26.9.2019): 3 psíci a 5 sučiek (3 males & 5 females) Pedigree:

2x CAC Kecskemet, HU

25.09.2019 14:28
22.09.2019 CAC Kecskemet  Judge: Erdos Laszlo, HU BIG Judge: Tatjana Konrad, SRB Boris Radena Slovakia in champion class ex 1, CAC, BOB, BIG III   Judge: Tamas Jakkel, HU Boris Radena Slovakia in champion class ex1, CAC, BOS   So proud for your white youngstere dnd big thanks to...

Club sighthound show Mojmirovce

09.09.2019 14:16
Sighthound club show Mojmirovce 24.08.2019 Judge: Catarina O. de Castro, PT Barin Radena Slovakia - open class - ex4 Carat Radena Slovakia - champion class - ex3 Calisa Radena Slovakia - open class - ex4 Cara Radena Slovakia - open class - ex Gavriila Radena Mraja - honour class -...
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