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CACIB Oberwart AT

16.07.2019 08:44
13.07.2019 CACIB Oberwart, AT Judge: Zdenka Jilkova, CZ Vasart Radena - champion class - ex1, CACa, CACIB, BOS, Cruft´s qualification aaaaaaaaaaaand Rada fulfilled conditions for CIB title :) We are so proud about our white princess and very happy she is family member <3   

National dog show in France

16.07.2019 08:40
07.07.2019 national dog show Judge: Evelyne Desquartier Diacquenot, FR Cartoon Radena Slovakia - open class - ex 1, CAC, BOS thanks to owners for care about our sweet Cartoon and also for amazing results. Cartoon does very good work in France :) so sweet boy     

2x CACIB Velka Ida, SK

16.07.2019 08:37
06.07.2019 IDS  Velka Ida, SK Judge: Szekeli Istvan, HU Carat Radena Slovakia - intermedia class - ex 1, CAC, res. CACIB   07.07.2019 IDS Velka Ida, SK Judge: Vladimir Piskay, SK Carat Radena Slovakia - intermedia class, ex 1, CAC   We are very proud for our youngster for amazig...

CACIB Szekesfehervar, HU

04.07.2019 11:20
CACIB Szekesfehervar HU 29.06.2019 Judge: Szekely Istvan, HU Boris Radena Slovakia (champion class) - ex1, CAC, res. CACIB Vasart Radena (champion class) - ex1, CAC, res. CACIB _________________________________ CACIB Szekesfehervar HU 30.06.2019 Judge: Tibor Havelka, SK Boris Radena Slovakia...

EDS Wels, AT

18.06.2019 16:27
EDS Wels, AT 14.06.2019 Judge: Carla Molinari, PT Boris Radena Slovakia - open class - ex (out of 10 males) Aglaja Radena Slovakia - working class - ex 2/2, res. CAC

Austrian Winner Wels, AT

18.06.2019 16:19
Austrian Winner Wels, AT 15.06.2019 Judge: Espen Engh, N Carat Radena Slovakia - intermedia class - ex 1/2, CACA, res. CACIB I am more than proud for beautiful boy because Carat achieved amazing placement and results under very strict judge     

CACIB Komarom, HU

18.06.2019 16:17
CACIB Komarom, 10.06.2019 Judge: Tamas Jakkel (HU) Calisa Radena Slovakia - intermedia class - ex 2/2, res. CAC    

CACIB Nitra, jún 2019

18.06.2019 16:01
IDS Nitra - Grand Prix Slovakia 08.06.2019 Judge: Matejcic Jasna, HR Intermedia class: Carat Radena Slovakia - ex 1/2, CAC  Cara Radena Slovakia - ex 1/3, CAC, res. CACIB  (will be valid CACIB)  __________________________ IDS Nitra - Derby Winner Show 09.06.2019 Judge:...

KV Grafenegg (AT)

22.05.2019 10:30
CAC OKWZR Schau in Grafenegg /AT/ 19.05.2019 Judge: Nicklas Erisson /SE/ Carat Radena Slovakia (intermedia class) - ex 1/2, CAC, best male, BOB Cara Radena Slovakia (intermedia class) - ex 1/2, CAC Boris Radena Slovakia (open class) - ex 1/2, CAC Aglaja Radena Slovakia - received very nice report...


16.05.2019 07:48
IDS Portugal 11.05.2019 Judge: Fabricio Pastor Cartoon Radena Slovakia - ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOS   IDS Badajoz Spain 12.05.2019 Judge: Croeser J Martin (South Africa) Cartoon Radena Slovakia - ex1, CACS, CACIB, BOB Big congrats to owner for amazing regulst of sweet Cartoon <3 
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