Novinky 2019 (News 2019)

Welcome new family member

28.01.2021 14:28
After longer waiting time and not easy travelling to us, finaly we could welcome new family member Ronja with us Let me introduce Staraja Russa Radonia, born 17.07.2020 (Staraja Russa Nahal x Staraja Russa Ogirfina)  

E litter

28.01.2021 14:26
E litter Radena Slovakia was born 12 October 2020 We made breeding service for our sweet Cara Radena Slovakia and her pups were born under our kennel name There are 5 girls and 1 boy (all white-red combination)  

CACIL Coursing Zilina 12.10.2020

28.01.2021 14:23
International coursing Zilina, CACIL, CACT   Vasart Radena - 2 nd place - res. CACT Rada finished her CIBP Title and also fulfilled conditions for International working certificate  

CACT coursing Galanta, Beauty and Performance

28.01.2021 14:20
12.09.2020 CACT Coursing Galanta - Beauty and Performance Aglaja Radena Slovakia - 3rd place                                   - title...

Klubová výstava Mojmírovce

28.01.2021 14:16
09.08.2020 Sighthound Speciality Show CAC Aglaja Radena Slovakia, working class - ex1, CAC Vasart Radena - champion class - ex3/3 judge: Veron Grzegorg, PL    

our Sover

19.05.2020 12:17
Our dearest Sover left us absolutely not ready and not expectable, it came so fast ... Sover has gone and we know we never forget her....  She learnt us a lot, she spent nice time with us and she always knew we love her... we miss her so much  Figura Soversenstva Mraja 25.07.2012 -...

CAC, CACIB Timisoara (RO)

19.05.2020 12:15
Weekend in Timosoara was great our Carat became Romanian Champion of Beauty  01.-02.02.2020 Carat chieved 3x CAC im champion class :)   

3x CACIB Nitra 24.-26.01.2020

19.05.2020 12:08
3x CACIB Nitra 24.-26.01.2020   Carat Radena Slovakia  24.01.2020 - Judge: Catarina O. Castro (PT)  champion class - ex1, CAC 25.01.2020 - Judge: Dušan Barlík (SK) champion class - ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOB 26.01.2020 - Judge: Jus de Cuyper (BE) champion class - ex1, CAC, CACIB,...

Champion of Champions, 30.11.2019 Budapest (HU)

20.04.2020 14:04
amazing results achieved our dear Boris and Rada  Champion of Champions 30.11.2019, Budapest, HU Judge: Jussi Limatainen (FI) Boris Radena Slovakia - BOB Vasart Radena - BOS both sweet kids fulfilled conditions and became Hungarian Champions of Beauty   

Dog shows in Zagreb, HR

26.11.2019 10:20
Carat Radena Slovakia, weekend in Zagreb, CRO champion class: ** 22.11.2019 - Speciality sighthound show - EX1, CAC ** 23.11.2019 - IDS Zagreb - EX2, res. CAC ** 24.11.2019 - IDS Zagreb - EX1, CAC, res. CACIB (will be valid CACIB) We are very proud for our youngester and amazing results he...
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