Novinky od 2019 (News from 2019)

2x IDS Papa, HU

25.05.2022 08:14
Pápa CACIB 21.05.2022 Damir Radena slovakia open class - Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOS judge: Péter Harsányi, HU   Pápa Esterházy Memorial CACIb 22.05.2022 Damir Radena slovakia open class - Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOS judge: Ildikó Muzslai, HU   so much proud for dear Damir and many thanks to...

IDS Nitra, 08.05.2022

25.05.2022 08:07
Amazing day on IDS Nitra SPRING CUP 08.05.2022 Judge: Zdenka Jilkova, CZ Damir Radena Slovakia - open class - ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOS Staraja Russa Radonia - intermedia class - e1, CAC, res. CACIB Darya Radena Slovakia - open class - ex2, res. CAC   Faina...

IDS Nitra 05.05.2022

25.05.2022 08:05
IDS NITRA 05.05.2022 Staraja Russa Radonia Intermedia class - Ex1, CAC, res. CACIB Judge: Lucia Sladekova SK    

G litter

25.05.2022 08:03
07.02.2022  G litter was born :) Rainmaker Quattro x Vasart Radena  5 boys & 4 girls    

CACIB Komarom, HU

25.05.2022 07:46
CACIB KOMAROM, HU - 22.-24.10.2021   Carat Radena Slovakia - Hungarian Champion of Beauty    

KV a ŠV Mojmírovvce, 14.-15.8.2021

25.05.2022 07:40
Great family Radena meeting during weekend in Mojmirovce (SK) 14.08.2021 Sighthound Club Show Judge: Bart Scheerns, BE Damir Radena Slovakia (intermedia class) - ex 1/3, CAC Boyarin Radena Slovakia (open class) - ex 2/8, res. CAC   15.08.2021 Sighthound Speciality...

CACIB Crystal Trophy Nitra 08.07.2021

09.07.2021 07:26
8.7.2021 CACIB Crystal Trophy Nitra Judge: Iveta Vojteková  EMSE BORISOVNA RADENA SLOVAKIA (Boris Radena Slovakia x Cara Radena Slovakia) very promissing 1, PUPPY BOB we are so much proud for sweet Esme on her 1st show result

welcome F litter

09.07.2021 07:24
With big pleasure we like welcome our F litter  born: 12.04.2021 sire: CH Carat Radena Slovakia  dam: CIB CIBP Gavriila Radena Mraja  1 boy & 3 girls 

CACT Coursing Žilina

09.07.2021 07:21
19.06.2021 CACT Coursing Žillina Vasart Radena - 3rd place <3 sweet Rada achieved nice result and we are so much proud for her  

Welcome new family member

28.01.2021 14:28
After longer waiting time and not easy travelling to us, finaly we could welcome new family member Ronja with us Let me introduce Staraja Russa Radonia, born 17.07.2020 (Staraja Russa Nahal x Staraja Russa Ogirfina)  
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